Welcome to The Fellowship!


About The Fellowship:

We are a few World of Tanks enthusiasts that enjoy platooning together, and will run in Skirmishes, Tournaments, Strongholds, and Clan Wars.

We are currently recruiting players who are interested in participating in Clan Wars – beginning with landings 1-2 nights a week, and increasing as we gain enough players to field regular teams daily. Requirements: 1600WN8 overall, at least 3 viable Tier VI, VIII and X tanks.

We can also help teach some of the basics of the game, and will train new players that fit our play style and have a solid interest in actually learning. Platoon up and join us on TeamSpeak at felowclan.com

Clan Objectives:

  • Strongholds
  • Weekly Tournaments
  • Platooning
  • Clan Wars
  • Clan Events

Minimum Requirements:

  • 1,600 overall WN8 / 1,800 recent WN8
  • Team Speak 3 (required, mic preferred)
  • 4 viable Tier 6’s, 4 viable Tier 8’s, 2 viable Tier 10’s (see below)
  • Good attitude
  • 3 day attendance per week minimum.

CW Tanks Required

These are the tanks that we require for Clan Wars. Each tier has a primary tank row; preferably, each member shall acquire the primary tanks for every Tier grouping to begin with. Afterwards, members may start collecting the secondary tanks in whichever order they prefer. If you are unsure on what tank to get next, please talk to an officer.

Tier VI:

  • Cromwell (B) / OI / M4AE32
  • Type 64 / T37 / KV-85

Tier VIII:

  • T-54 ltwt. / IS-3 / T32
  • WZ-132 / Ru 251 / AMX 50 100 / 110
  • Rhm.-B. WT / AMX 13 90

Tier X:

  • Russian Med (140 preferred) / Autoloader (50B,TVP T50/51, BatChat) / T110E5 / E 100 / Obj. 263 / FV215b
  • E100 / T57 Heavy / 113 / T110E3 / Maus /Leo 1 – Amx 30

TeamSpeak Status:

Our Clan Directives:

By being a part of our community, you agree to conduct yourself in a respectable manner. Be mature, keep rage to a minimum, no stat-bashing, etc. Depending on the severity of the violation, punishment may range from withheld payouts to being removed from the Clan.

  • For application requests, send a P.M. to any officer.
  • For inquiries, please send a P.M. either in-game or on the Forums.
  • To report the conduct of one of our members, please send the Executive Officers (Batlin, xrays_) a Private Message on the Forums with screenshots or a replay.

Good luck, tankers!